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Crown Molding & Trim Painting

One smart way to refresh the interior and change the looks of your home is to paint the trims. And when it comes to crown molding and trim painting, Oakville ON homeowners can completely trust our company’s experience.

The experience of Painter Oakville plays a major role in the outcome and overall service. Trims are made of various materials, often have ornamental details, and may be connected with doors, cabinets, and wainscoting panels. Hence, the color choices and the way the job is done both matter when it comes to aesthetics, at the very least.

Trim painting and crown molding painting in Oakville

Crown Molding & Trim Painting Oakville

Interested in a full crown molding & trim painting service in Oakville, Ontario? Want just the crown painted? The doors and casings finished? Let our team ease your mind by saying that all trims and architectural elements in your home can be painted. It’s not just the crown but also the baseboards, the door and window casings, possible picture rails or chair rails – any trim. Some are flexible, some are wooden, some have intricate designs, and some are plain. In any case, trims are perfectly painted.

Should we send a painting contractor to check the trims in your house? We only assume that you want the interior trims painted. Please, make a note that we are exterior house painters too. If you want the exterior trims refreshed, you should still talk with us.

Now, let’s go back to talking about interior trims. Do you want a full trim and crown molding painting service? Or something different? For example, you may want the crown and baseboards painted. Or the crown molding in the kitchen and the cabinets painted. Or, you may want the doors, the windows, and their casings painted.

Want to paint all trims? Crown molding and baseboard painting?

It’s often a good idea to have the kitchen cabinets painted along with the crown if they are attached. Same thing when it comes to casings and doors. If not, the trim will look lovely and the door or the cabinets – whatever the case – will look dull. The contractors assigned to check the trims in your house offer color consultation too. It’s important to choose the right color combinations or stick with monochromatic color palette solutions for greater results. Most trims and crown moldings are painted white but there are other color solutions if you want to make a bold statement.

The important thing is that the flaws of the trims and the crown moldings are fixed before anything else. Then, they are prepped as required to become smooth enough for the primes and paints to stick well and look beautiful. Trims as well as ceiling crowns make a statement when they look stunning. Since it’s difficult to paint them whether they are ornamental or not, don’t risk it. Ask us for an estimate – no charge or obligation, we assure you – and you will realize that it’s not expensive to book in Oakville crown molding and trim painting – at least when you contact us.