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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

It seems that you seek pros with experience in popcorn ceiling removal in Oakville, Ontario! If that’s true, there’s no need to search any further. Our company is at your service whether you are interested in the removal of one or more popcorn ceilings and irrespective of whether or not they are harmful. At Painter Oakville, we have huge experience in the field and the removal of textured ceilings. The job is carried out with the thoroughness demanded and also safely and correctly.

Whether you suspect that the texture contains asbestos or just want a modern, flat ceiling, contact our team. When the whole process of removing popcorn ceiling and refinishing ceiling substrates is performed by properly equipped and qualified pros, the results are extraordinary and there’s no concern about anything at all.

Specialists in popcorn ceiling removal in Oakville

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Oakville

In order to obtain the information needed in regard to popcorn ceiling removal, Oakville homeowners can easily reach our company, ask questions, and schedule an appointment. On our part, it’s always prudent to know more about the ceiling’s texture and talk extensively with you about the process and what ceiling style and color you like. This way, we can schedule the service more thoroughly and tell you the cost. Be sure the consultation and estimate are free of charge and there’s no obligation towards us. So, go ahead and book an appointment to learn all you want to know about the removal of one or more popcorn ceilings.

Affordable rates for the removal of popcorn ceilings

The cost to remove popcorn ceiling textures is not high. The most important thing is that the job is carried out by pros with experience in such services. Even if there are no harmful elements, the removal of popcorn ceilings produces lots of dust which can be easily transferred around the home. It goes without saying that the pros first cover all parts of the room and take measures so that the dust will be constrained in the room and won’t escape into the rest of the house. They are equipped and dressed as required for safety purposes and remove popcorn ceiling sections bit by bit.

Time for a flat ceiling? Let’s talk about removing the popcorn ceiling

Once the popcorn ceiling is removed and all the bits and pieces are collected and the room is clean, the substrate is finished. Naturally, the pros start by addressing all imperfections to make the substrate even and smooth as needed for the finishing process. Once this phase is completed, the ceiling is painted as previously agreed.

Do you want to talk about flat ceilings, color options, the process of the job, and costs? Contact our team. Let’s get all things on the table so that you won’t take chances with the existing texture. Whether you are sure that it’s harmful or not, why take risks? Get a free estimate for the Oakville popcorn ceiling removal service to soon enjoy a fresh and safe environment – and a modern ceiling design. Drop us a note.